History How Lord Krishna got his Sudarshan Chakra?

How Lord Krishna got his Sudarshan Chakra?


How Lord Krishna got his Sudarshan Chakra?

There’s an episode mentioned in Mahabharata when Krishna was in Sandipani Muni Ashram as student, when Parshuram came as Guest. So, Krishna attended him. After that Krishna seeks blessings, then Parshuram says you are the Supreme Lord what can I give you.Since you are asking, I will give you Sudarshan Chakra so that you can use it for establishing Dharma for which you appeared.

So, this is a Leela of the Lord, like Krishna is eternally married to his eternal consort Rukmini, but still when appears on this planet, marries Rukmini to make his consort. Similarly, Sudarshan is Lord Krishna’s eternal weapon, which he accepted through his another Avatar of Parshuram.

Once,Arjuna had been approached by Agni, lord of all fires, to help him regain his lost vigor by allowing him to feed on a large forest. The forest that Agni had chosen was Khandava- home to the kith and kin of Takshaka, king of Nagas, and friend to Indra, the king of Devas. Agni’s attempts at starting forest fires in Khandava had been swiftly thwarted by Indra, who was lord of rain and thunder, interceding for the safety of his friend Takshaka. Frustrated, Agni had gone to the one he had heard was the only warrior who could match Indra in battle to seek his help in keeping Indra busy while he set Khandava ablaze. He had gifted that warrior with the famed Gandeeva bow and his friend Krishna a mighty discus called Sudarshana to enlist their help in his cause. Armed with those fierce weapons and powered by their own unmatched skill, Krishna and Arjuna had held Indra’s fierce attacks and had not allowed a single drop of rain to touch Agni’s scorching flames as the lord of fires had fed his appetite on Khandava. As a consequence, the venomous Takshaka had lost his friends and his home but had escaped with his life which Indra had bargained for with Arjuna in exchange for withdrawing his attack. A seething Takshaka had vowed to end Arjuna’s life but had been unsuccessful.
Thus, when Sringin’s curse bound him to end the life of Arjuna’s grandson, Takshaka the king of Nagas prepared himself in vengeful excitement.

The fire god Agni gave Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Krishna.

Once Agni approached Arjuna and Lord Krishna in the guise of a brahmin. He urged them to curb his hunger with enormous quantities of food.

The duo asked him the kind of food that would satisfy his hunger. Agni came out of his guise and revealed himself to the duo.

Agni demanded Khandava forest as his food devoid of all the creatures. He told the duo of his inability to approach the forest since it was protected by the king of gods Indra.

Lord Krishna and Arjuna promised to help Agni and fulfill his wish for food.

Agni brought divine weapons for Arjuna and Lord Krishna from deities of various celestial regions.

Agni brought Gandiva bow and two inexhaustible quivers from the sea god Varuna. He brought the infallible discus known as Sudarshan Chakra from Lord Vishnu.

Agni brought his own chariot which was indestructible and crafted by the divine architect Vishwakarma.

Lord Krishna took the invincible discus Sudarshan Chakra.[1]

Arjuna took the large Gandiva bow and the two inexhaustible quivers.

They rode together on Agni’s chariot and started to annihilate all the demons, serpents, yakshas and gandharvas of Khandava forest.

The celestials approached the duo to duel with them in the forest.

A fierce battle ensued between the duo and the celestials.

Those celestials were the gods Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, Maruts, Saddhyas, Vishwadevas, Ashwinis and Kumaras. They were headed by Indra and Kartikeya in the battle.

Lord Krishna showered thousands of weapons from his discus Sudarshan Chakra and Arjuna fired millions of arrows from his bow Gandiva.

The gods along with Kartikeya retreated from the battle unable to withstand the prowess of Arjuna and Lord Krishna.

Indra then engaged Arjuna in a fierce battle but was defeated by the Pandava.

Eventually all the gods headed by Indra departed from the forest.

Meanwhile Lord Krishna and Arjuna emerged successful in destroying all the creatures of Khandava. The duo then conferred the forest bereft of the creatures to Agni.

Agni was extremely satisfied with the duo and started to consume the empty forest with his blazing flames of fire.

Krishna can’t get sudarshana chakra as he always owned it…..Krishna is supreme….

All the stories like……

  • Shiva gave sudarshana chakra to vishnu..
  • Parshurama gave sudarshana chakra to krishna….

are leelas(Pass times) of the supreme lord that is Krishna himself…..

Actually sudarshan chakra is owned by krishna(Parmatma) himself and he gave the same to Maha vishnu(The Greatest lord of material world….i.e. our world)…

Garbhodaya vishnu (Whom we are worshipp as real vishnu got the sudarshana chakra from Mahadeva shiva….he owned it being vishnu but he got it from shiva…Its like my friend giving something to me which was given to him by my father so that he can give me…It’s still not the same like that…)

Now talking about the krishna whom we think as a incarnation of Lord vishnu himself but he is supreme and he himself asked parshurama(Again vishnu) to give sudarshana chakra to himself….)

If everything above is complicated or you have trouble understanding than just realize that parshurama gave it to krishna….If you wanna know details,and didn’t understood above things ,please leave a comment..

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Thank you for A2A.

Hare Krishna!

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